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Introducing the DOG!

Introducing the DOG!
Whippet View's Sassy Kat.. affectionately known as Zoe

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Apr 17, 2007

{ the whippersnapper at work}

Gone 2 the Dogs.!
Zoe seems to think ALL of the chairs in the house belong to her... even the chair in my workroom. I'm not sure if she was looking for a treat or wanted to try her paw at stamping. Do you think she looks guilty?


Jan Scholl said...

Hi Zoe. My Marley is here wondering why you get to do that and he cant. He needs a buddy to play with now that Clancy is gone to the big doggie cruise in the sky. When we get home from Ben's wedding I will begin the adoption search. Hope he or she is as cute as you.

Kim said...

She is so pretty! What a face!

little buddy said...

hehehe! Ha! What a photo! I love it.

Kacy said...

If only I could train the dogs or the cats to help with the stamping! I'd get so much more done. (I'd actually prefer they learn to do the housework.)

Nicole Seitler said...

Ha ha! So cute.

Melissa said...

I think she looks a little like you're interupting. Who knows what she would have gotten done if you hadn't come in! :) What a sweetie!

Monica said...

Okay...that's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! She's such a sweetheart! She makes me think of our late greyhound, Bailey. They look a lot alike!