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Introducing the DOG!
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Apr 27, 2007

{ Two New RAKS this week }

It always adds, no matter how good the day, an extra boost to open the mail box and find an unexpected card waiting to be opened. Twice this past week I've been so fortunate.
Debbie Seyer sent me this dainty card with one of my favorite sentiments inscribed on it. dream! Thank you Debbie. Please take time to take a look into Debbie's stamp room.

I also received this this beautiful card from Susan Liles . The soft colours of the flowers is repeated not only in her ribbon choice but also in the soft detailing on the embossed background. I've subscribed to Susie's blog for a long time and always enjoy seeing her new work. Be sure and take a look too.

I apologise to both ladies for the poor quality photography. I was trying something new. It looks like it might be best to limit my creativity to card making until I can take a class or two in photography and lighting. Thank you again, ladies!

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