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Introducing the DOG!
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Apr 12, 2007

{ Easter Easter }

One of the first cards I made when I started stamping was a crystal paned window card, and it was always a favorite of mother's. I made it at a "stamp camp" and the window was rectangular with no enhancements. I though it might be nice to make another for her using some of the tools and techniques I've acquired over the past couple years. The circular scallop punch was off set on purpose to accomodate the closeness of the window opening to the outer edge of the card. { I've since added a new tool to my "stuff I need to acquire" list so the openings can be better placed }.
The closure is fastened with one of the new Basic Grey Magnetic Snaps.

I fixed Easter dinner for Mother and worked on a new batch of cards.


Allison said...

Great the glitter and that layout!

little buddy said...

This is the first I've seen of the Basic Gray magnetic snaps. Do you like it? The card turned out so nicely.