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Introducing the DOG!
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Apr 14, 2007

{ so many RAKs it feels like Autumn }

What a great card!! Every time i look at this card from Monica Ackerman it puts a smile on my face. This is a precious stamp and I would enjoy knowing where it is from. Monica's "Just So You Know" is a new addition to my blog roll. Be sure to take the time to look. I will be looking in often on Monica and Abby her beautiful Golden Retriever. Thanks again, Monica~ :)

I received this sparkly card from Joanne Johnson. The stamping, the layering and the embellishments came together beautifully in this detailed card. Joanne you did a great job on it, and it is most appreciated. Thank you so much. Let me know your blog information so I can give you credit. In the meantime you can see Joanne's work on SCS (stamps4sanity).

This darling pocket card is from Simone Collins. Simone is a SCS Blogger and you can see what she has been up to on her blog Daily Dose of Spazz,. Not only did Simone stamp the card, but she also stamped the envelope and the note she included with the card. It looks like it may have been a wheel. I'm making a note to do that on my envelopes and enclosures in the future. Thanks so much Simone!


little buddy said...

Thanks for sharing your RAK birthday cards! I'll be sure to check out Monica's, Joanne's and Simone's work! It's fun to see what other people are doing, and I imagine especially fun to receive the cards in the mail!

Monica said...

I'm so glad you liked my card! Isn't that stamp the cutest! It's by a company called Great Impressions. Here is their website...