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Introducing the DOG!
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Apr 16, 2007

{ Sweet Pea }

Why is it the more we have on our plates the more we are able to accomplish. This weekend was a good example. I often find myself clicking through everybody's blogs, moaning and groaning to myself that I just can't figure out how everyone but me has the time to make all the wonderful cards they post on their blogs. This weekend my brother, his wife and their two dogs came for a visit. They stayed with my mother, but I spent the good part of the weekend at her house enjoying my family. I also designed and finished two cards, photographed them and uploaded them for my blog subscribers to see. An amazing feat as I often labor over a single card for days. Part of the insentive may have been my new PaperTrey Ink Green Thumb set. The card elements came together quickly andas soon as I finished it I was ready to make another.


Kim said...

Way too cute!

little buddy said...

How sweet! Are the peas little brads? I love it! Especially since I call my daughter "sweet pea"!

Nicole Seitler said...

This is lovely! :)