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Introducing the DOG!

Introducing the DOG!
Whippet View's Sassy Kat.. affectionately known as Zoe

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Jan 31, 2008

~an unexpected opportunity..

Yesterday a gentleman visiting the beach for a week's break from the cold Indianapolis winter stopped by our local activity center on a whim and offered to do a one day Stone and Silver Jewelry Workshop. Not since my college days had I an opportunity to work in this medium so of course I said, "Indeed, we would be interested!" Unfortunately for those who were unable to attend today's workshop due to the short notice, they missed out on a fun day and an entertaining, creative, and educational experience. Fortunately for myself and the other gentleman in attendance the nearly private one-on-one instruction was an experience well worth the effort.
Our teacher spilled out a container of unusual polished stones in a variety of shapes. I chose an irregular oval piece of lavender jade for my project. Within only a four hour block of time I had cut and shaped, soldered and filed, sanded and polished pieces of silver and stone into a finished piece of jewelry. When we were finished with our pendants, we were reminded that we had created a one-of-a kind piece and that it was the little imperfections that made it so. I chuckled to myself as this is something I am constantly reminding myself each time I sit down to create a card. Creativity, regardless of the medium, is a personal and unique expression.

Jan 30, 2008

~Picture This..

My little helper..

A picture is worth a thousand words! What more can i say?

Samp set: Stampin' Up retired Ruff Day. Paper and ribbon: from my personal stash. Altered frame: from Target Dollar Bin. Dog Bones: Purina One.

Jan 29, 2008

~Sweet Sixteen..

for my sweet niece..

Happy Sweet Sixteen

Sweet sixteen! Sweet sixteen!
I can't believe it's true;
The person sitting before is
Is really, really you.

May the days that lie ahead
Bring happiness untold;
Choices that are good and wise
For your life as it unfolds.

Sweet sixteen! Sweet sixteen!
Colored candles on a cake!
I send you a Happy Birthday
With a wish for you to make!

from your very proud Aunt..

~one of My Favorite Things..

As I's said before Kim van der Sanden 's My Favorite Things is one of my favorite things. And of all of her My Favorite Things Let's Go for a Walk tops the list. As a dog lover and a collector of dog stamps its no surprise. For over thirty years at least one loving Gentle Giant, more commonly known as the Great Dane, shared my home. My first was Tweed, a beautiful brindle who came into my life when she was only eight weeks old. Seven, a merle rescue came to live with us in Tweed's older years and after Tweed crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge Abby, another rescue, fine and elegant and blue as cold steel graced my couch. Abby and Seven have joined Tweed at the Rainbow Bridge as has Isis, my first regal and well bred Harlequin. Isis was also a rescue of sorts and lived to the ripe old age of twelve, nearly unheard of at that time in a Dane. I fell in love with bold black and white spots of the Harlequin and after Isis I sought out a perfect puppy of Isis' same breeding. Catherine Von Meistersinger came from Kentucky and shared my days and nights, my ups and downs, and my many moves and a very special place in my heart. Today Zoë, my wild and wooly wonderful Whippet graces my couch or any other place she chooses to lie. She is my constant companion.