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Introducing the DOG!
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Jan 31, 2008

~an unexpected opportunity..

Yesterday a gentleman visiting the beach for a week's break from the cold Indianapolis winter stopped by our local activity center on a whim and offered to do a one day Stone and Silver Jewelry Workshop. Not since my college days had I an opportunity to work in this medium so of course I said, "Indeed, we would be interested!" Unfortunately for those who were unable to attend today's workshop due to the short notice, they missed out on a fun day and an entertaining, creative, and educational experience. Fortunately for myself and the other gentleman in attendance the nearly private one-on-one instruction was an experience well worth the effort.
Our teacher spilled out a container of unusual polished stones in a variety of shapes. I chose an irregular oval piece of lavender jade for my project. Within only a four hour block of time I had cut and shaped, soldered and filed, sanded and polished pieces of silver and stone into a finished piece of jewelry. When we were finished with our pendants, we were reminded that we had created a one-of-a kind piece and that it was the little imperfections that made it so. I chuckled to myself as this is something I am constantly reminding myself each time I sit down to create a card. Creativity, regardless of the medium, is a personal and unique expression.

1 comment:

little buddy said...

Very very pretty.
I see a new hobby on the horizon!

Just like everything you do...this is beautiful.