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Introducing the DOG!

Introducing the DOG!
Whippet View's Sassy Kat.. affectionately known as Zoe

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Jan 29, 2008

~one of My Favorite Things..

As I's said before Kim van der Sanden 's My Favorite Things is one of my favorite things. And of all of her My Favorite Things Let's Go for a Walk tops the list. As a dog lover and a collector of dog stamps its no surprise. For over thirty years at least one loving Gentle Giant, more commonly known as the Great Dane, shared my home. My first was Tweed, a beautiful brindle who came into my life when she was only eight weeks old. Seven, a merle rescue came to live with us in Tweed's older years and after Tweed crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge Abby, another rescue, fine and elegant and blue as cold steel graced my couch. Abby and Seven have joined Tweed at the Rainbow Bridge as has Isis, my first regal and well bred Harlequin. Isis was also a rescue of sorts and lived to the ripe old age of twelve, nearly unheard of at that time in a Dane. I fell in love with bold black and white spots of the Harlequin and after Isis I sought out a perfect puppy of Isis' same breeding. Catherine Von Meistersinger came from Kentucky and shared my days and nights, my ups and downs, and my many moves and a very special place in my heart. Today Zoë, my wild and wooly wonderful Whippet graces my couch or any other place she chooses to lie. She is my constant companion.

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