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Introducing the DOG!
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Feb 17, 2007

{ its in the cards.. or is that the genes }

My sister volunteered to be the American Heart Association representative for her neighborhood this year, and in her usual fashion didn't just stick the literature in envelopes and mail out to everyone. Instead she made individual cards using the Love Your Heart set and wrote a personal note inside each one. I wanted to share her talent and my inspiration with you.

Not to be outdone by her mother, my 15 year old niece entered her Valentine's Day box filled with 31 individually made cards for her Senate classmates.To see her cards click on Her Gallery. She would love your comments. She came home with the award for most creative Valentine's Day Project. To say the least, I couldn't be more proud!

And last but far from least, Mom created a card for each of the girls in her family from the beautiful Basic Grey Blush Card Kit. Mine was accompanyed by a beautiful pink hydrandea which will be planted in my flower beds after the north Florida thaw!

Now I'm looking forward to the end of March when my sister and niece will spend Spring Break here in Florida with Mom and me and we can all be together.

1 comment:

little buddy said...

(Blush) Thank you! We love you! And WE are looking forward to the end of March, as well!